Why "To: nobody@net.bio.net"

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at net.bio.net
Wed Oct 22 17:49:36 EST 1997

Dear Zbrafish readers,

Zbrafish posts to the web reader have "To: zbrafish at net.bio.net" but
Zbrafish posts which are sent directly to readers' email do not. Pat
Edwards (and I'm sure others) take this as a sign of disrepect or
insensitivity.  That was certainly not our intention.

Email requires a To line, but when we actually send email out to
mailing list members, we put the mailing list address in the Bcc: line
to make it hard for spamers address scavengers to get our subscriber
lists.  We follow the usenet tradition and use the "nobody" address
just to make the sendmail program happy.

If "nobody" makes people unhappy, after this explanation, I am open to
suggestions about an alternative term.

Serge Taylor
Biosci Administrator

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