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Pat Edwards edwards at uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Wed Oct 22 17:33:14 EST 1997

I am posting this for Gloria Callard <gvc at bio.bu.edu>

We are searching for new faculty in biology as part of a new 
initiative which includes a new chairman and five new positions (the 
first year). The ad below will appear in Cell and is one of the first 
additions sought.

           Assistant or Associate Professor
                 Biology Department
                  Boston University

The Biology Department of Boston University invites
applications for a tenure-track faculty position in
Cell & Molecular Biology.  The successful applicant
will be expected to develop an externally-funded research
program and participate in teaching at undergraduate
and graduate levels.  Possible areas of research interest
include development and differentiation, cell cycle,
DNA repair and replication, cell-cell interactions, cell
motility and protein sorting.  We have special
interest in applicants whose research uses model systems
such as transgenic mice, zebrafish, or Drosphila.  Send
CV, brief description of research interests, and 
3 letters of reference by Dec. 1, 1997 to:
              Dr. Thomas D. Gilmore
  Cell & Molecular Biology Search Committee
                Biology Department
                 Boston University
                5 Cummington Street
                Boston, MA  02215

            An Equal Opportunity/
        Affirmative Action Employer 

Gloria V. Callard, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology
Boston University
5 Cummington Street
Boston, MA 02215-2406
TEL: 6l7-353-8980
FAX: 6l7-353-2923/6340

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