zebrafish setup

bakkers at rulbim.leidenuniv.nl bakkers at rulbim.leidenuniv.nl
Wed Sep 3 08:21:34 EST 1997

Hello colleagues,

I just started to setup a small zebrafish facility and encountered
some difficulties getting good embryos. Who can give me some advise??

What I have: 
5x  40 liter tanks, each having seperate filtering and heating (26C)
I mix tap water and demi water 1:2 to get low concentration of
carbonites (6 dH) and  pH 7-7.5
light/dark cycle of 14/10 hours

I only get very few eggs and these are don't look good; they are not
transparant (white and cloudy)
I don't know what is important for having a good water quality and how
to get it with only a few tanks.

So please let me know to get started with such a small facility

Jeroen Bakkers
Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences
Leiden University, The Netherlands
BAKKERS at rulbim.leidenuniv.nl

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