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by M.F. Wullimann, University of Bremen, Germany / B. Rupp, H. Reichert,
University of Basel, Switzerland

1996. 160 pages. Hardcover. sFr. 168.- / DM 198.- / =F6S 1446.- ISBN 3-7643-=

The zebrafish, Danio (Brachydanio) rerio, is rapidly becoming one of the
major model systems for the study of nervous system development and
function at the molecular, cellular and systems level. This is due in large
part to the extensive and ongoing maturation of sophisticated genetic
manipulation and mutant generation techniques. Although considerable
knowledge concerning the embryonic development of the central nervous
system in this animal has been gained in recent years, there is a
conspicuous lack of information concerning the structural organization of
the adult brain. The present work therefore aims at providing a
neuroanatomical overview of the zebrafish brain and identifies the major
subdivisions, nuclei and tracts within the adult brain, based mainly on a
comparison with the well-known brain of the closely related goldfish,
Carassius auratus.

In the course of this investigation, more than 30 complete series of 12=B5m
Bodian stained cross, sagittal and horizontal sections were produced and
analyzed. Here an extensive selection of sections out of the three best
series is presented. Each figure combines photographs and schematic
drawings to allow rapid orientation and identification of specific
structures. The discussion provides a source of information about the major
subdivisions and eventual fiber connections within the zebrafish brain, as
well as remarks about their functional significance.

This book is indispensable for the growing number of researchers in
developmental biology and genetics using the zebrafish as a model system.

Reviews from Journals:
=ABThis is a very impressive atlas of the brain of the adult zebrafish, and =
know of no comparable atlas on any fish brain. ... I hope that everyone who
works on the embryonic fish brain will use the atlas, and that all future
discussion of structures will share it as a common point of
reference.=BB=0BStephen S. Easter, Jr, Trends in Neurosciences
=ABDer Atlas besticht durch seine Aktualit=E4t nicht weniger als durch seine
grossz=FCgige Aufmachung. Aus neuroanatomischer Sicht darf dieses Werk als
ein gelungener Beitrag zur Darstellung des Zebrafischgehirnes angesehen
werden.=BB=0BOliver Schmitt, Annals of Anatomy

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