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Pat Edwards edwards at
Tue Sep 30 14:46:50 EST 1997

I am posting this message for Dr. Laszlo Varadi (varadi at
who does zebrafish research as well.  Please respond directly to him...)

Dear all!

I'm a Hungarian researcher in the fish genetic and fish reproduction.
I'm sorry but I do not know anything about the methods transporting fish
for a long distance. We are in the middle of the fishing and we'd like
to transport the fish (I mean species the next: carp, trout, etc., from
some gramme -like the zebra fish are- to some kg) to our laboratory for
checking the results our investigations. The main problem is (we think)
sometimes the high temperature in the car. The ice is not enough for a
long time. We need some basic data. After we getting them we'll set the
optimal parameters for different species and for different size and for
different sex.

Could you give me any long time anaesthesia method (min. some hours
without oxigen) for transporting the fish. We have tried the chemicals
MS-222, but it was not work we hoped. Thank you,

Laszlo VARADI Ph.D.
University  of Agricultural Sciences,Institute of Animal Husbandry,
Laboratory of FISH CULTURE
Address: Pater K. st. 1.,H-2103 Godollo, HUNGARY
Fax: +36 28-310804, E-mail: varadi at

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