Two Postdoctoral Positions Available Immediately

John Stubblefield stubblef at
Tue Apr 7 17:40:30 EST 1998

Two postdoctoral research associate positions available immediately. 
Research areas include: physiology, molecular and cellular endocrinology
of fish reproduction and hormonal control of gametogenesis; development
of technologies for the manipulation of fish spawning for application in
aquaculture. For more details candidates are encouraged to visit the
website: http://umbi/~comb/faculty/zohar/zohar.html

Position 1: The candidate will study the hormonal regulation of
reproduction in farmed fish at the molecular level. Understanding the
mechanism and interactions of hormones released from the
brain-pituitary-gonadal axis will be the main focus of the study.
Position 2: The candidate will study the expression and characterization
of glycoprotein hormones in eukaryotic systems.

Candidates should be able to work independently, publish in peer
reviewed journals and have experience writing grant proposals. They are
expected to have leadership qualities, assume an integral role in the
progress of the lab and work flexible hours routinely exceeding 40 hours
a week. Salary is commensurate with experience. Applicants with
experience in handling fish (blood sample collection, biopsy and induced
spawning) are preferred.

Qualifications: Ph.D in the area of animal/fish physiology or
endocrinology with a strong background in molecular biology,  supported
by publications in peer reviewed journals.
Position 1: The applicant should have extensive experience in molecular
biology and hormonal assays (ELISA and RIA).
Position 2: Experience in the expression of recombinant protein, its
purification (HPLC), characterization and in hormonal assays (ELISA and
RIA) is essential.

Send curriculum vitae and the name, title and address of three
references to: Ms. Tyra Burman, Position YZ-97-2,  Center of Marine
Biotechnology, Suite 236, Columbus Center, 701 E. Pratt Street,
Baltimore, MD 21202 or email to stubblef at

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