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Pat Edwards edwards at uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Wed Apr 8 11:33:37 EST 1998

Hello to the Zebrafish Research Community...

After a long hiatus, Monte Westerfield and I are preparing to put
together a new issue of the Zebrafish Science Monitor and I have put out
a request for articles to the zebrafish distribution list.

We now ask for opinions on how the future issues of the Zebrafish
Science Monitor should be distributed.  Currently, there are 1,536
individual entries in the zebrafish database (ZFIN) and mailing costs
(postage, envelopes, labels, and time) are going to be considerable if
the Monitor issues are to be mailed to each of these people.

It has been suggested that instead of mailing, each new issue of the
Monitor be included on The Fish Net where it could be downloaded and
printed AND also be provided on the web in a PDF format which can be
viewed or downloaded using free Acrobat Reader software. It can then be
printed.  The output of a PDF document would have the same quality of
text and graphics as it would have with an original copy (far better
than a photocopy or a printed web page).

For those few who are not able to access the on-line resources, I could
maintain a mailing list.

Does this seem reasonable?  Monte and I would like to get comments 
from the research community on this issue and are hoping that these 
comments can be posted with the zebrafish news group at 
bionet.organisms.zebrafish.  Thanks!

Pat Edwards

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