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Pat Edwards edwards at
Thu Apr 9 10:24:11 EST 1998


I came to work this morning and was greeted by a huge response to our
proposal for putting the future issues of the Zebrafish Science Monitor
on-line.  I have decided to forward to the news group only those
messages that have particular suggestions or comments other than the
UNANIMOUS opinion that we should, indeed, go on-line with the Monitor.

I have ordered the Acrobat software to create the Monitor in PDF format
and will begin putting the next issue together immediately following the
Cold Spring Harbor meeting.  Monte and I will meet to discuss the
suggestions that we have received and we will do our best to ensure that
everyone who wants the Monitor can obtain one.

If any of you know of zebrafish labs that do not have e-mail or on-line
connections, please have them contact me to request mailed copies.
Also, if you have suggestions on why the Acrobat Reader is not working
for some of our members, please share them with the research community
via the news group.

Thank you for your wonderful support, as usual.

Pat Edwards

><)))'>  ZF Administrative Coordinator
><)))'>  Institute of Neuroscience
><)))'>  1254 University of Oregon
><)))'>  Eugene, OR 97403-1254
><)))'>  (541) 346-5222 / FAX (541) 346-4548
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