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Wed Apr 15 09:50:16 EST 1998

The British Society for Developmental Biology is organising a conference
about the Development of Sense Organs, and we would very much like 
lots of the zebrafish community to come.

Catherine Haddon


                BSDB Autumn Meeting, University of Sussex
                        16 - 18 September 1998


    The British Society for Developmental Biology is devoting its 1998
Autumn Conference to the Development of Sense Organs.

    The meeting will last two days, from mid-day on Wednesday 16th
September 1998 to mid-day on Friday 18th September, and will be held at
the University of Sussex.

    The programme will include talks on the development of sense organs
both of vertebrates and of invertebrates, including eyes, ears, noses,
bristles and skin. Recent advances in our understanding of the molecular
mechanisms of sense-organ development have been pectacular, and  several
of these structures have become important paradigms for wider issues in
developmental biology.

    At the meeting, we hope both to take stock of the rich variety of
types of sense organs, and to see to what extent one can now identify
unifying themes and conserved mechanisms in their development, with
emphasis on the peripheral organs rather than the central connections.

Speakers include:

        M. Freeman (Cambridge)          D. Strutt (Sheffield)
        V. van Heyningen (Edinburgh)    W. Harris (Cambridge)
        S. Wilson (London)              Y-N. Jan (San Francisco)
        A. Jarman (Edinburgh)           A. Ghysen (Montpellier)
        D. Fekete (Purdue)              T. Whitfield(Sheffield)
        C. Haddon (London)              G. Richardson (Sussex)
        K. Steel (Nottingham)           G. Lewin (Berlin)
        M. Fitzgerald (London)          E. Macagno (New York)
        L. Barlow (Denver)              F. Guillemot (Strasbourg)
        P. Mombaerts (New York)         J. Lewis (London)

In addition, a few contributed papers will be selected for talks, based
abstracts submitted.

Registration and abstract submission deadline: 1 July 1998.

For further information and registration forms, contact:

Ms Amrit Khalsa (BSDB Conference),
ICRF, P.O. Box 123,
Lincoln's Inn Fields,
London WC2A 3PX, UK.

Tel:    (0171)-269-3356
Fax:    (0171)-269-3417
e-mail:  khalsa at

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