Group Leader Opportunity in Zebra Fish

Tony Wright tony.wright at
Tue Apr 21 10:12:48 EST 1998


The positions are attractive for scientists interested in building
up a new center, focused on model eukaryotic organisms, that will be
located in a custom built building from 1999. The present
opportunities are for group leaders in the areas of C. elegans (ref
no 30/98), Arabidopsis (ref no31/98), Zebra Fish (32/98), and Mouse
(ref no 33/98) genetics to complement existing Drosophila, yeast and
mouse activities (incl. core facility for ES-cell work, transgenic
animals and embryo banking). Successful applicants will be well
supported with supplementary positions and a consumables budget in
order to facilitate rapid establishment of strong research groups.
Successful applicants will be expected to participate in a new
masters program in biology in which studies of the respective model
organisms play a key role.

The positions are permanent with the possibility of later
conversion to full professor. Both the research and education
experience of candidates will be considered. Candidates with a broad
zoological or botanical interest will be appreciated. Good command
of the Swedish and/or English language is essential.

Enquiries about the positions Inger Porsch-Haellstroem (+468-58 3733,
inger.porsch-hallstrom at or Anthony Wright (+468-608
9159, tony.wright at Applications (original +2 copies,
marked with the appropriate ref no), including CV, publication list,
10 selected reprints and a summary of previous research and education
activities, should be sent by May 11 1998, to Soedertoerns hoegskola,
Box 4101, S-141 04 Huddinge, Sweden

Soedertoerns hoegskola is a new Swedish university college, founded in
1996. This fall it will already have grown to about 5,000 students and
250 academic staff and it is planned that Soedertoerns hoegskola will
become a full university by 2003. The main campus is situated in
Flemingsberg, a suburb 15 km south of Stockholm City with excellent
communications and good residential possibilities.

Natural science activities are pursued in close collaboration with 
the southern campus of the Karolinska Institute which shares the 
campus. Present activities give a broad coverage of biological and 
medical sciences with strength in fields such as signal transduction, 
gene regulation, structural biology and cancer biology. We now offer 
a great opportunity to participate in the development of new research 
and education programs in biology. In the humanities and social 
sciences, Soedertoerns hoegskola is established in most disciplines and 
has specialised on studies of the transition after the Soviet era in 
the Baltic Sea region.

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