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eric weinberg eweinber at sas.upenn.edu
Tue Apr 21 14:51:02 EST 1998

Three positions are currently available in my laboratory at the
University of Pennsylvania:

A POSTDOCTORAL position is available to study the genetic and cellular
basis of developmental patterning in the zebrafish brain. Projects
include specification of regional cell fates,  timing of commitment to
regional fates,  the role of homeodomain proteins (including the Otx
proteins) in formation of the anterior brain. A strong background in
molecular biology is required.

A RESEARCH SPECIALIST position is available to carry out basic molecular
and embryological experiments in our laboratory. The projects involve
research into formation of the brain,  heart,  and inner ear.  The 
work will employ techniques such as plasmid preparation,  cloning,  
PCR,  in situ hybridization,  fate mapping using lineage tracers,
immunohistology,  and genetic mapping.  The position also requires
participation in the care, raising,  and breeding of our zebrafish
stocks, and coordination of general laboratory organization. Prior
experience in a molecular biology lab is essential.

We are also looking for a part-time AQUARIUM SPECIALIST to help run our
zebrafish facility.  The position entails approximately 20 hours work
per week.

These positions are available immediately.  I will be available at the
upcoming Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Zebrafish Development and
Genetics to meet with  interested researchers. Please send a CV and the
names of three references to:

Eric Weinberg
Department of Biology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA  19106-6017

Fax:  215-898-8780
eweinber at sas.upenn.edu


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