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Katrina Mcguigan KMcguigan at
Mon Aug 10 11:25:03 EST 1998

I am trying to track down some information on mutations causing loss of
gill cover. I have no background in this kind of research, but am
breeding rainbowfish (Melanotaeniidae) to look at various aspects of
inbreeding depression and heterosis. In my first generation of fish from
wildcaught parents (>10 parents per line) I am seeing >10% of all
juveniles with either no gill cover, or some fin abnormality (no rays,
lost fin althogether) in all 5 of my population. I'm basically just
trying to find out if there is any information on mutations causing
these kind of abnormalities in other species, with zebra fish the
obvious first place to look. I have tried searching on your data base of
mutant lines, but having no idea what the cause of these mutations are I
found it difficult. Can anyone suggest a way to make my search easier?
Thanks very much.

Yours sincerly,

Katrina McGuigan

Katrina McGuigan
Centre for Conservation Biology
Department of Zoology
University of Queensland
Brisbane 4072

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