postdoc or Ph.D. student position available

Claudia Stuermer Claudia.Stuermer at
Thu Aug 13 09:54:57 EST 1998

We are offering a position for a postdoc or phD student for cloning and
functional characterization of the so-called neurite-growth-inhibitors
(NI) in the gold- and zebrafish as well as in the frog.

This project will be carried out jointly with the lab of Martin Schwab,
Zurich. NI in the mammalian CNS has recently be cloned by M. Schwab and
co-workers. This new sequence information will be available for the
identification of NI homologs in fish (as well as Xenopus). Zurich is
close to Konstanz (distance: 60 km).

Please contact C. Stuermer, if you are interested in the project
(Claudia.Stuermer at

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