Sick Fish

Rupert Overall roverall at
Mon Aug 31 19:00:24 EST 1998

  I am running a small zebrafish breeding facility that is going well
but recently I have noticed that some of the fish are dying. The dead
and some of the living have white patches on their flanks where the
scales are coming off and one even had a large flap of skin that had
peeled away from the body. Those unaffected by these symptoms appear to
be healthy, are growing well and have been breeding well. I lost a lot
of fish some months ago due to an unidentified  fungal infection which
had similar symptoms and I want to avoid a repeat of this disaster!
Does anyone know what the cause of this trouble might be and what I can
do about it?!
I would really like to get on top of it this time...

Rupert Overall
School of Biological Sciences
University of Auckland
New Zealand

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