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Wed Dec 2 16:00:31 EST 1998

Dear colleagues!

Three of my patients after taking FASIGYN (Prizer ine USA)  have 
plenty of unknown organisms coming out with excrements for a one 
year. Those organisms definitly can't be a remains of meal or 
undigested cellulose, as they have the same internal structure, 
definit form and size from 0,1 till 16 mm. Nothing in common were 
eaten by patients. On the gistological portrayal there is a big 
amount of eggs (or spores?) and unknown nematodes inside.
I would be very grateful to You if You will help me to identify this
organism or clearify a direction of a search or if it is possible give an
adress of an organisation, specialist, who can give an advice or observ the
Loking forward to recieve Your answer.

Sincerely Yours Dr.Igor Adamov

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