Zebra fish allergic reaction??

Anne Lee uczuale at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Feb 23 13:38:33 EST 1998


I am an occupational health adviser at University College London.  A 
member of our staff who is responsible for general laboratoy work, 
including care of the zebra fish facility in one of our acedemic 
departments has presented with an allergic reaction.  This was an 
acute spread of a rash starting on both forearms and spreading to the 
neck and trunk, including swollen eyes.  No rhinitis or wheezing.  
Treatment with antihistamines alieviated the symptoms.  However it 
reoccurred the next day.(thursday and friday last week).

No history of any change in work or domestic routine. Non atopic
subject. Six months in post.

We suspected the shrimp feedstuff as a possible cause but have been told
that there is no published evidence of this.

Have you any suggestions?

Anne Lee
Senior Occupational Health Adviser
Occupational Health Service
University College London
Gower Street, London WCIE 8BT
anne.lee at ucl.ac.uk

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