DAPI staining

olivier bricaud obricaud at crit.univ-montp2.fr
Wed Feb 25 14:43:18 EST 1998

I am working in Montpellier, France in Alain Ghysen's lab on development
of lateral line in zebrafish. I want to know if someone among the
zebrafish comunity get a protocols of DAPI staining of zebrafish embryos
and larvae.

Thank you very much

Laboratoire de Neurogenetique du Developpement
Universite des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc
CC 103
Place Eugene Bataillon
34095 Montpellier Cedex 05
Tel : (+33) (0)4 67 14 32 53
Fax : (+33) (0)4 67 14 39 28
E-mail : obricaud at crit.univ-montp2.fr"

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