SFDB/SBCF meeting "cell communication and Autonomy in

SFBD/SBCF meeting meeting at ibdm.univ-mrs.fr
Thu Feb 26 11:15:44 EST 1998

Dear Colleague,

The French Societies for Developmental Biology (SFBD) and for Cell
Biology (SBCF) will organise a joint summer meeting (July 15-19 1998) on
the Luminy campus near Marseille on the French Mediterranean coast. The
title of this gathering, which will be held in English, is "Cell
Communication and Autonomy in Development". Its aim is to present an
up-to-date evaluation of the relative contribution of extrinsic and
intrinsic mechanisms in the determination of cell fates during animal
and plant development. This meeting will be of interest to biologists
interested in the cellular mechanisms that control patterning and

You will find below a detailed provisional programme of this meeting
which includes  three plenary lectures, two poster sessions and six
sessions. Each session will consist of five 30 minute talks by invited
speakers and 3 short (15') talks by young scientists selected from
participants. The registration and accommodation costs of these selected
participants will be refunded by the societies.

The following attractive meeting charges, including registration and
board accommodation on the campus, will apply:

SFBD/SBCF members       1700 FF
Non members 1900 FF

SFBD/SBCF members       1900 FF
Non members                    2100 FF

An additional charge of 200 FF will apply for  registrations postmarked
later than31 april 1998. The number of participants will be limited to

We hope you will circulate this information to your colleagues and look
forward to welcoming you this summer in the warm mediterranean sun. To
obtain more information about this meeting and to request registration
forms, please contact Ms Patricia Georgeon (Fax: 33-4-91820682; Email:
meeting at ibdm.univ-mrs.fr).

Patrick Lemaire, Jacques Pradel

French Society for Developmental Biology
French Society for Cell Biology
Summer meeting, 16-18 July 1998
University of Luminy
Marseilles, France

Cell Communication and Autonomy in Development

Organisers: Jacques Pradel and Patrick Lemaire (IBDM, Marseilles)

All speakers have confirmed their presence


Arrival in Marseille
19:00-22:00 Welcome party (Buffet)


9:00-10:00 Opening plenary lecture: Randy Moon (Seattle, USA)

10:00- 13:30 SESSION 1 : Signal transduction 1 (model systems)
Chair: R.Moon  (Seattle, USA)
P. Therond (Nice, F); Shi DeLi (Paris, F) ; S. Noselli (Toulouse, F); P.

Ten Dijke (Uppsala, Sweden); S. de Vries (Wangeningen, NL);

13:30-16:00 Lunch (Buffet in Hall) and posters+ exhibits

16:00 -19:30 SESSION 2 : Interactions between signalling pathways,
gradients, competence
Chair: J. Smith(London, UK)
J. Smith (London, UK); A. Martinez-Arias (Cambridge, UK); M. Bourouis
(Strasbourg, F); R. Rupp (Tuebingen, Germany); S. Kerridge (Marseille,

19:30-21:30 Dinner


9:00-12:30 SESSION 3 : Invariant cell lineages and intrinsic
Chair: D. McClay (Durham, USA)
D. McClay (Durham, USA); M.A. Felix (Paris, F) ; C. Sardet (Villefranche
sur mer, F); R. Gardner (Oxford, UK); F. Fagotto (Tuebingen, Germany),

12:30-15:30 Lunch (Buffet in hall) posters + Exhibits

15:45-19:15 SESSION 4 : Molecular mechanisms of asymmetric division
Chair: R. Bodmer  (U. Michigan, USA)
R. Bodmer  (U. Michigan, USA); A. Ghysen (Montpellier, F); F.
Schweisguth (Paris, F); R. Schnabel (Martiensrid, Germany), J. Knoblich
(Vienna, A).

19:30-21:00 Dinner

21:15-22:30 Plenary lecture: N. Satoh (Kyoto, Japan)


9:00-12:30 SESSION 5 : Cell adhesion & communication
Chair: J.P. Thiery (Paris, F);
J.P. Thiery (Paris, F); F. Watt (London, UK); R. Kemler (Freiburg,
Germany); B. Sanson (London, UK); A. Prochiantz (Paris, F)

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-17:30 SESSION 6 : Cytoskeleton and development
Chair: N. Perrimon (Boston, USA)
N. Perrimon (Boston, USA); P. Mangeat (Montpellier, F); M. Labouesse
(Strasbourg, F);  E. Karsenti (Heidelberg, Germany); K. Sawin (London,

17:45-19:00 Closing plenary lecture: T. Laux (Tuebingen, Germany)

19:30-21:00 Dinner


Departure from Marseille

Case 907
Campus de Luminy
F-13288 Marseille Cedex 09

Fax: 33-4-91820682
E-mail: meeting at ibdm.univ-mrs.fr

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