Quartz gravel

george sol asgaya at webtv.net
Mon Jan 5 11:25:01 EST 1998

Peace and prosperity to you this New Year,

I'm George Sol, director of research and expeditions at Asgaya
Piezoelectrical Gravel Co.. Asgaya is a new online research and
distribution company for QCCG, quartz piezoelectrical gravel. We are
located at: www.i-netmall.com/shops/asgaya/index.htm
We supply landscapers, building contractors, aquarium shops,
individuals, chiropractors, and massage therapists with quartz gravel.
Every summer we conduct geological/spiritual cruise expeditions
(cystal/mineral digs) at Lake Quachita, Arkansas.

For the last ten years we have been quietly reseaching the effects that
the natural piezoelectrical field charge from QCCG, has on human and
aquactic life forms. Asgaya researchers have initially discovered that
quartz gravel has several valid health benefits. QCCG will rejuvenate
human energy levels, overnight, by simply putting it between the
mattress and box springs or your bed, and sleeping on it! Weight
activates QCCG's subtle natural piezoelectrical field charge. We found
that the piezo charge is transferred to the body's water molecules,
naturally increasings water PH levels and reducing deadly toxins in both
humans and aquatic life. You awake alert, charged, and
ready to go! You can find more detailed information at our web site:

We received a small grant to give away, "Free", 120,000 pounds of QCCG,
just to gather statics and confirm our findings on a mass scale. We seek
to prove to the scientific community that QCCG has alternative health
benefits and can be used for something other than for just the making of
computer chips and related timing devices.

We are seeking individuals suffering from low energy levels, restless
sleep syndrome, persons owning fish suffering from the disease "ick",
and medical or alternative healing practioners, to test, and keep the
QCCG at "no" cost. We only ask that you report back "your" findings to
Asgaya research. Stop by, brows through Asgaya, and order a "Free" 1/2
or 50 lb. test sample of QCCG. It's an amazing rock that may be
beneficial to keeping you healthy, charged, and clear in body mind and

Best of health to you,
George Sol

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