need "housekeeping" antibody

Lisa Lynn Cunningham llc4q at
Thu Jan 8 11:56:17 EST 1998

Hello, All!

I'm doing Western blots on zebrafish eyes, and I need a
"housekeeping" antibody to act as a loading level control.
When I do the Westerns, I homogenize the whole eye and the spin
out the insoluble fraction and TCA precipitate the soluble
fraction.  So I need antisera that works in zebrafish and is
directed against an abundant, soluble protein.  I've tried
mouse monoclonals directed against human actin and tubulin with
no luck.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!



P.S. I'm probing the blots for Interphotoreceptor
Retinoid-Binding Protein (IRBP), so that won't work as a
housekeeping protein!

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