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James Hensinger ascot at
Mon Jan 26 11:32:58 EST 1998


If you have not already visited us on the Internet we are at  Ascot International maintains a
searchable, worldwide database of aquatic species and producers
which is accessible through the Internet.  During the next few weeks,
we will be introducing several new features to our site.  One section
will be for articles/papers concerning any aspect of aquaculture, and
a corresponding area devoted to information concerning aquarists.  We
would like to invite you to submit articles or papers concerning any
of these areas for inclusion on our web site that we could publish.

We have the capability to publish an unlimited amount of articles
but we currently have only a very meagre selection so your
submissions will be greatly appreciated.

By allowing us to reprint your material, it will be made accessible
to aquaculturists, aquarists, researchers, businesses, educators and
many others associated with the aquatics field who regularly visit
our site. Full credit will be give to the author or company supplying
each article. We will also provide a link, along with the credit, to
your site if you are on the Internet.   You may send your
articles/papers attached via e-mail to the following address:
ascot at

We look forward to your submissions and thank you for your support.


James Hensinger
Ascot International

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