zebrafish/mouse radiation hybrids (RH)

Marc Ekker ekker at civich.ottawa.on.ca
Mon Jul 20 10:19:41 EST 1998

We would like to inform everyone that a panel of zebrafish/mouse
radiation hybrids (RH) is available to the scientific community. These
RH are useful for the rapid mapping of zebrafish genes or markers. This
is done by comparing the retention of your gene/marker in the RH panel,
by PCR, with a framework map. Genotyping of this panel is not yet
complete and therefore there is no framework map at present but this
should become available on a web site very soon. Meanwhile, the RH panel
can be used to establish linkage between genes and markers irrespective
of their map position and can thus be useful in your chromosomal walks.
The panel comprises 93 independent clones and is given as DNA samples.
The RH panel will be provided in aliquots of 10 micrograms of DNA per
clone. This will be sufficient for 100 mapping assays. We ask that you
please contribute US$30 to help us cover handling costs and that you pay
for shipping by providing a Fedex number or the like.

To obtain the RH panel please contact Marc Ekker
(ekker at civich.ottawa.on.ca).

To obtain information on computational tools available to analyze RH
data, please contact Neil Hukriede  (nhukriede at nih.gov).

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