POD staining

Michael Lardelli mlardelli at genetics.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Jun 1 10:25:50 EST 1998

Hi out there,

I'm looking for a little advice about POD staining in zebrafish embryos. We
have been trying to use POD-coupled anti-fluorescein Fab fragments against
fluorescein-labelled cRNA probes with DAB reagents (ready dissolved - all
from Boehringer Mannheim) as a second stain after staining with alkaline
phosphatase-coupled anti-digoxigenin against DIG-labelled cRNA probes.
Background is low as shown by antibody only (no probe) controls. However,
when we develop the colour reaction we see - ZIP - for the POD. Has anyone
had any similar experiences or does anyone have a protocol that they know

I would be very grateful for any suggestions!

Best wishes,


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