Job Announcement: Laboratory Technician II

Richard Winn, Ph.D. rwinn at
Tue Jun 2 13:00:19 EST 1998

Job Announcement: Laboratory Technician II

An NIH-funded Laboratory Technician II position is available at the
University of Georgia. This position requires hands-on experience in the

culture of marine and/or freshwater fish. The individual must
demonstrate an understanding of the fundmaental aspects of fish
husbandry including, but not limited to: fish biology, monitoring and
maintaining water quality, proper diet and feeding, and maintenance of
re-circulating fresh and saltwater systems.  The position requires
coordination of culture activities with other members of a research team

with regard to breeding and perpetuation of selected genetically
modified (transgenic) lineages and non-transgenic stocks (e.g. medaka,
Fundulus and zebrafish). Fish care duties will be required on an
alternating weekend schedule to be coordinated with members of the
research team. The technician will also assist in performing various
general laboratory and molecular biological procedures associated with
the production of transgenic fish as models for environmental and
biomedical applications, including: DNA isolation, DNA quantitation,
PCR, electrophoresis, mutagen exposure experiments, etc.  Experience in
or an expressed willingness to learn these procedures is required.

Education/training: A bachelor of science degree or combination of
college coursework, and work experience in related fields such as
biology, marine science, aquatic science, genetics, or molecular
biology. Position is for 12 months with possible renewal depending upon

Position availability: Immediate

Salary: Base $18,090 annually w/ full-time employee benefits

To apply submitt a cover letter of interest and resume to:

University of Georgia
Employment Department
c/o Laboratory Technician II
Human Resources Building
Athens, Georgia  30603-4135

Also submit a copy of letter of interest and resume to:
Dr. Richard Winn
University of Georgia
120 Riverbend Road
Athens, Georgia 30602

University of Georgia is an EOC/AA institution.

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