Faculty positions

Seth S. Blair sblair at vms2.macc.wisc.edu
Wed Jun 10 10:39:56 EST 1998

Just to let folks know informally: there will an advertisement in Science
in the next few months announcing three tenure-track faculty openings in
zebrafish biology at U. Wisc. in Madison.  Faculty tenure homes will by in
the departments of Anatomy (Medical School), Comparative Biosciences (Vet.
School), Genetics (Agriculture and Life Sciences), or Zoology (Letters and
Sci.).  We anticipate getting permission to hire both begining and
mid-level positions, and we are open to a wide range of approaches and
interests.  This is part of a strategic hiring initiative at U.W., and is
being coupled with similar efforts in Genomics (led by Fred Blattner) and
Biophotonics and Imaging (led by John White).  
  There will be application information in the advertisement, but if anyone
has questions just email me at the address below.
Seth S. Blair
Department of Zoology
University of Wisconsin
250 N. Mills St.
Madison, WI 53706
email:  sblair at macc.wisc.edu

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