looking for visually impaired mutant zebra-fish

Arthur Bergen a.bergen at ioi.knaw.nl
Mon Jun 15 10:45:13 EST 1998

Dear colleagues,

Coming from the human genetics field, I very recently entered the
field of zebra-fish research. Currently, we are setting up a new
facility for zebra-fish research  at The Netherlands Ophthalmic Research
Institute. As a first start, we are looking to study mutant zebra-fish
which are visually impaired, preferentially through defects in the
photo-receptors, and/or ganglion cells of the retina.  Are such fish
currently available?

I would welcome your suggestions. Thank you for your time and

Best regards
Arthur Bergen

Dr. Arthur A.B. Bergen
Department of Ophthalmogenetics
The Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute (IOI)
Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands (KNAW)

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