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The CSIRO has an active program, spread across several Divisions, on
the development of innovative techniques for managing pest
populations of plants and animals introduced into Australia.  As part
of this program and as a special initiative of the CSIRO Chief
Executive, the Divisions of Marine Research, Wildlife and Ecology,
and Entomology, have begun a joint project to develop generic
molecular approaches aimed at preventing exotic animals imported into
Australia for commercial or recreational purposes from establishing
feral populations.  Ultimately, the technology developed may also be
applied to reducing impacts of existing pests, such as the European
carp and the Northern Pacific seastar

The project will involve teams working intensively and
collaboratively on three model species: the zebrafish, the Pacific
oyster and the mouse.  We are seeking postdoctoral research
fellows/scientists and support officers with appropriate backgrounds
to form part of these teams

Research Fellows/Scientist (2 positions)

Applicants will be expected to have at least post-graduate experience
in molecular biology.  Experience in developmental genetics,
regulation of gene expression and/or genetic transformation, ideally
in one of the model species (or a related species) is highly desired.
 Appointment will be at the post-doctoral fellow or research
scientist level, depending upon experience. The appointees will work
closely with existing CSIRO scientists to develop and trial methods
for genetic transformation of the model species. Two positions are
available, one working with zebrafish and one with mice.

Applicants should have a PhD or equivalent, an appropriate record of
demonstrated scientific achievement, and relevant research experience
in molecular biology.

Location: The zebrafish position (Position No. MRH 98/7) will be
based at CSIRO Marine Laboratories, Hobart, Tasmania.  The mouse
position (Position No. PG 98/2) will be based at CSIRO Division of
Wildlife and Ecology, Canberra, ACT.

Salary: $40K to $52K + superannuation, depending on experience. 
Financial assistance with relocation will be provided.

Research Support Officer (4 positions)

The research support officers will provide technical support in
genetic analysis and manipulation covering the three model species. 
Applicants should have at least a BSc or equivalent and a
well-developed knowledge of general molecular biology techniques; a
familiarity with tissue culture methods and aquatic animal biology
would be advantageous

Location: Two positions: (zebrafish (MRH 98/8) and oyster (MRH 98/9))
will be based at the CSIRO Marine Laboratories, Hobart, Tasmania; one
position: (mouse (PG 98/3)) at the CSIRO Division of Wildlife and
Ecology, Canberra, ACT; and one position: (zebrafish and oyster (MO
656)) at the CSIRO Division of Entomology, Canberra, ACT.

Salary: $31K to $35K + superannuation, depending on experience. 
Financial assistance with relocation will be provided.

Tenure: 2 years with the possibility of extension depending on future
external support.

The project is coordinated by Dr Ronald Thresher, who can be
contacted for general information (telephone - 03 6232 5378; fax - 03
6232 5485; email - Thresher at

For specific information about the zebrafish positions,

Dr Peter Grewe (CSIRO Marine Laboratories, Hobart, Tasmania)
telephone -+61 0418 334 875
fax - 61 3 6232 5485;
email - Grewe at

For the mouse positions, contact 

Dr Chris Hardy (CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology, Canberra, 
telephone +61 2 6242 1504, 
fax +61 2 6241 3343,
e-mail - c.hardy at

For the oyster position, contact 

Dr. Steven Whyard (CSIRO Division of Entomology, Canberra, ACT)
telephone +61 2 6246 4162
fax +61 2 6246 4173
email - Steven.Whyard at

Application details and selection criteria are available from

Sue Spinks (CSIRO Marine Laboratories, Hobart, Tasmania)
telephone +61 3 6232 4452
fax +61 3 6232 5485
email - Spinks at

Applications should quote the relevant reference number and be framed
against the selection criteria.  The application should provide
details of your qualifications, work experience, the names of at
least two referees and be addressed to:

The Recruitment Officer
CSIRO Division of Marine Research
GPO Box 1538
Hobart, Tasmania. 7001


For Position Nos:MRH98/7, MRH98/8, MO 656:  21 March 1998;  
For Position No MRH 98/9, PG 98/2 and PG 98/3: 30 April, 1998.

CSIRO is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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