UBC 3D Microscopy of Living Cells Course

James Pawley jbpawley at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Mar 5 16:10:33 EST 1998

Hello all,

The Application Deadline for the UBC 3D Microscopy of Living Cells
Course has had to be delayed until March 15, 1998.  (There have been
some problems with my fax machine.  If you received an email
confirmation, everything is fine, if not please fax your application

No space here to give you the whole story about this unusual
international course but I can give some "coded" hints that 3D
microscopists will understand:

Zeiss 560, Ted Inoue, Abbe diffraction kits, Infinity-Optical, Bill
Mason, Scanalytics, Paul Negulescu, Bio-Rad Micro-Radiance, SGIs,
Eppendorf microinjection, Larry Keenan, Optical tweezers Cameleon,
Applied Precision, Yokogawa, Jon Art, 1024/multi-photon, Sigrid Myrdal,
PSI-CCD, Fluoview, Tim Murphy, GFP-transfection, Huygens, Video-rate,
Time-bandwidth laser, Warren Zipfel, brain-slice, spherical aberration
corrector, digital time-lapse, Ernst Stelzer, Noran-OZ, P.C. Cheng,
Cell-Robotics, 3D image processing, Yu-Li Wang, ALAScience chamber, Paul
Millard, Zeiss 510, Jay Margolis, Nikon PCM-2000, Clarke laser, Dan 
Focht, Nikon PCM-2000 (again), Intracell chamber, Astromed, Universal 
Imaging, Hans vanderVoort, Driftwood Confocal Contest, backscattered 
light, water-immersion.

They will all be in Vancouver, not just to look at, but to talk to, to
work with and to use during over 40 hours of hands-on, structured 
labs (and an additional 20 hours for "personal" live-cell projects.)

If this interests you, go to


for the rest of the story including the program.

Hope that you can join us in Vancouver this June 17-28.

Jim Pawley

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