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Mon Mar 16 19:06:54 EST 1998


I am looking for a postdoc to join my recently set up lab in the
Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of
Chicago.  The main interest of the lab is in how the anteroposterior
axis of the developing vertebrate is patterned, and we are using
zebrafish as our primary model system.  We are also interested in the
evolution of body patterns and are open to using other fish species and
avians to allow a comparative approach.  Ongoing projects include
investigation of the roles of specific zebrafish Hox genes in hindbrain
and cranial neural crest patterning, and studies on upstream regulators
of Hox genes.

We have excellent facilities, including freshly renovated lab space, a
Marine Biotech aquarium system, a Departmental Imaging facility
(including confocal microscope), and Divisional oligonucleotide
synthesis and DNA sequencing facilities.  The University of Chicago has
very active Committees on Developmental Biology, Neurobiology  and
Evolutionary Biology; these provide an important network of groups with
common interests, as well as running seminar series, journal clubs etc.

This position would suit someone with a genuine interest in
developmental biology.  Experience in both molecular biology and some
type of embryology would be very helpful, but not necessarily
essential.  The successful applicant will be expected to apply for
postdoctoral fellowships, and should therefore be eligible for these and
have a competitive curriculum vitae.  For more information see:

Prince, V. and Lumsden, A. (1994).  Hoxa-2 expression in normal and
transposed rhombomeres:  independent regulation in the neural tube and
neural crest. Development 120, 911-923.

Prince, V. E., Moens, C., Kimmel, C. B. and Ho, R. K. (1998).  Zebrafish
hox genes: expression in wild-type and in mutants of the segmentation
gene valentino.  Development 125, 393-406.

Prince, V. E., Joly, L., Ekker, M. and Ho, R. K. (1998).  Zebrafish hox
genes: genomic organization and modified colinear expression patterns in
the trunk. Development 125, 407-420.

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