Faculty Research Associate - Position YZ-97-2, in Baltimore MD.

Mon Mar 23 10:37:40 EST 1998

Title:  Post Doctorate Fellow
Category:  Faculty Research Associate

Qualifications:  Applicants should possess a PhD in the area of fish
or animal physiology or endocrinology. A solid background in molecular
endocrinology is required. Applicants must have an good publication
history. Applicants must also have experience in endocrine techniques
such as hormone assays, hormone biochemistry and spawning manipulation
studies. The candidate must have experience maintaining, handling
(including bleeding and biopsying) and spawning fish.

Responsibilities: The candidate will study hormonal regulation of
reproduction in farmed fish, including the study of brain and
pituitary hormones, their interactions and their mechanisms of
action. The candidate's research will emphasize the study of the
molecular endocrinology of fish reproduction. The project will involve
both in vivo and in vitro studies. This research will be part of an
overall program which aims at understanding the endocrine and
molecular control of puberty and spawning in farmed fish, and at
developing technologies to manipulate these processes. The candidate
will be responsible for initiating, coordinating, and writing grant
proposals, the design and conduction of experiments, and the analysis
and interpretation of data. Report and manuscript writing and frequent
literature reviews are required. Publication of research in
peer-reviewed journals is expected. Collaboration with peers and
co-investigators is essential. In addition, the candidate is expected
to assume an active role in the maintenance and leadership of the lab.

This is a salaried position with expected routine hours exceeding 40
hours per week. Routine evening and weekend work, as well as extensive
work with fish (striped bass, trout, etc.), is required.

Salary:  Commensurate with experience.

Position  available:    22 days vacation, 3 personal days, 14 paid
holidays, health benefits, retirement, and other standard benefits.

Applications:  Send curriculum vitae and the name, title and address
of three references to: 

Ms. Tyra Burman, Position YZ-97-2
Center of  Marine Biotechnology, Suite 236, 
Columbus Center
701 E. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. 

Closing date:
Please send a CV and references within 30 days. 

The University of Maryland is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

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