(Fwd) Are plants making fish happy???

Richard Winn rwinn at arches.uga.edu
Wed Mar 25 12:52:21 EST 1998

Tom and Eva-

As a member of our Animal Care and Use Committee I understand
where the concern for the animal's shelter may be coming from. However,
I concur with Monte's comments that placing plants in the tanks can
cause significant problems for maintaining healthy stocks. There is
sufficient precedent for culturing fish in systems that do not have
plants or any other materials. This can be accepted as standard practice
for most applications. If one is attempting to maintain some "SPF
(specific pathogen free)" populations, the introduction of any materials
would be prohibited. The animal care reviewer should recall that
flexibility in the care of animals must be considered appropriate to the
species. The guidelines are simply that- guidelines. If shelter is a
primary concern, inert objects, such as plastic can be used, but may
contribute to maintenance problems.

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