brain & gonad development

david p. crews crews at
Tue May 5 13:18:40 EST 1998

It has been suggested that I pose my question to the zfish community via
the discussion group as I am not a zfish worker.  My question is as

I am interested in the development of the brain and of the gonad.  It
appears that neural innervation of the gonad is common to all
vertebrates and I am particularly interested in when those connections
might be made.

Hence the questions, in the zebrafish, when does the (1) gonad
differentiate into testes and ovaries and (2) when might the CNS
afferents/efferents be formed that would innervate the gonad; that is,
when does the spinal cord sufficiently to that level for such
connections.  (3) Related to this, are there any mutants that develop at
least partially sans brain as is the case in lim1 knockout mice, or at
least lack CNS above the hindbrain?  I appreciate your taking the time
to consider these questions.

David Crews

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