Recombinant DNA Methodologies & Applications

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Wed May 13 09:58:06 EST 1998

The two-week workshop, "Recombinant DNA Methodologies & Applications,"
is scheduled for June 1-12, 1998, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. daily, (weekend
excluded) on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County campus.  The
course may be taken for a fee of $1,400 which includes laboratory
materials, binder, and lunch.

Sponsored by UMBC's Department of Biological Sciences and Continuing
Education the workshop is designed to introduce the strategies,
techniques, and applications of current recombinant DNA and molecular
biology methodology.  Lectures will be utilized to complement laboratory
sessions by delving into the theory, design, and application of current
recombinant DNA and molecular biology experimental procedures.  The
concepts and techniques covered in the workshop will be readily
applicable to basic research and development programs as well as to
classroom instruction.

A vast majority of the workshop is devoted to performing hands-on
experiments and practicing techniques in the laboratory.

For additional information or to receive a brochure, call UMBC
Continuing Education at (410) 455-2336.

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