Problems with zebrafish spawning

Steve Baker sbaker at
Tue May 26 09:53:32 EST 1998

We are trying to successfully spawn zebrafish and to date have been
quite frustrated.  Our fish have been on the light cycle for almost two
weeks, fed 3x daily (twice on flake food, once on frozen brine shrimp),
held at 26-28 degrees C. They are very plump and seem to be
healthy. Males are nice and yellow.  A net has been placed in the tank
to allow the eggs to fall through to the bottom (the protocol we were
given discourages the use of marbles). Tanks are siphoned daily to
keep clean.

To date have not found any eggs (except brown brine shrimp eggs :)  ).
Some questions:

1.	Are the eggs large enough to see easily with the naked eye?  
    Can you give us a general idea of their size? We have been siphoning
up bottom debris but have not seen
	any yet.

2.	Is there any noticeable spawning behaviour to watch for?  
	We have been checking from "dawn" until about 2 hours later, 
	have seen some "chasing" behaviour, but that's about it.

3.	Any ideas concerning what we may be doing wrong?  So many
	of the internet "how-to" guides make this seem so easy,
	we fear we must be overlooking something important!

We would really appreciate any ideas.  We are eager to incorporate
zebrafish embryology into some zoology labs this fall.

Thanks for your help!

Steve Baker
sbaker at

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