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Aquarama 99 - World Conference on Ornamental Fish Aquaculture (including
three sessions on zebrafish/medaka genetics and development)

June 3-6, 1999

Registration, Submission of Abstracts and Accomodation Deadlines: see or contact Organisers:
aquarama at

Dear Colleague,

You are invited to participate in the World Conference on Ornamental
Fish Aquaculture which will be held in Singapore. One of the focuses of
this meeting is on the genetics and development of model teleost species
- zebrafish and medaka. The Aquarama is a unique event where biology of
teleosts will be discussed along with other topics - fish larviculture,
fish production, nutrition, genetics, invertebrates, aquatic plants and
issues related to the aquarium industry. Beside of a conference the
Aquarama includes the exibition of ornamental fishes as well as fish
farms visits. A number of speakers were invited to present their topics.
Other oral and poster presentations will be selected among the abstracts

submitted by the participants.
        More information is available on request from the address
provided below.

  Miller Freeman Exhibitions
  100 Beach Rd. #26-00
  Shaw Towers, Singapore 189702
  phone 65 393 4309
  fax   65 299 9782
  e-mail aquarama at

   On behalf of zebrafish oriented Organisers:
   Vladimir Korzh
   Institute of Molecular Agrobiology
   National University of Singapore
   Singapore 117604
   vlad at

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