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Mon Nov 9 10:52:53 EST 1998

Post-doctoral Position in Heidelberg/Germany

A position for a post-doctoral fellow is available in our lab to study
molecular mechanisms underlying interactions between the mid- and forebrain
primordia, within the framework of the program described below. Interested
individuals should contact Michael Brand.

EU Funded Post-doctoral positions:

Molecular mechanisms underlying forebrain patterning: a comparative approach

Funding has recently been obtained from the European Union (Biotechnology
Programme) for a consortium of seven leading European laboratories to study
the molecular mechanisms involved in patterning the vertebrate forebrain.
The objectives of the consortium are:

* To define the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in forebrain
induction and early development.
* To elucidate the steps that lead to different regions in the forebrain
acquiring their specific identity.
* To examine the link between disruptions in these mechanisms and known
human neural pathologies.

Posts are now available in the each of the following laboratories for
suitably qualified individuals to work for up to two years.

Andrew Lumsden (coordinator), Department of Developmental Neurobiology,
King's College, London.  Fax: +44 171 955-4886, e-mail:
a.lumsden at,

Siew-Lan Ang, IGBMC, Strasbourg.  Fax: +33 388 65 32 01, e-mail:
siew-lan at,

Michael Brand, Department of Neurobiology, University of Heidelberg.  Fax:
+49 6221-544496, e-mail: brand at,

Massimo Gulisano, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Catania, Sicily.  Fax:
+39 95 33064, e-mail: m.gulisano at

Salvador Martinez, Department of Morphological Sciences, University of
Murcia.  Fax: +34 968 363955, e-mail:  salvador at

Jack Price, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, London.  Fax: +44 171
346 5194.  e-mail: j.price at

Antonio Simeone, International Institute of Genetics and biophysics,
Naples. Fax:  +39 081 5936123, e-mail: simeone at

Applicants should have a PhD in neuroscience or developmental biology and
preferably some experience at post-doctoral level, with evidence of quality
research capability.

Applications should include a full CV indicating depth and breadth of
interests and experience, a list of publications and the names and
addresses of three referees.

Applications should be sent either to one of the addresses above (or to the
coordinator) and are open until positions are filled.  However, we expect
successful candidates to be in place by 1st January, 1999.


PD Dr. Michael Brand
Institut fuer Neurobiologie
Universitaet Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 364
69120 Heidelberg
FR of Germany

Tel. (49) 6221 - 548355 (office)
Tel. (49) 6221 - 544861 (lab)
Fax (49) 6221 - 544496
email: brand at

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