phenotype and name of zebrafish variant questions

fangjun jia carp at
Mon Nov 9 13:20:02 EST 1998

In my lab, I found four individuals of Danio rerio with albino
skin-color while their retina  are still black. In addition, I found a
chimera of zebrafish, in which a minor part of its body appears without
any pigments in its scale despite its major normal skin.

Would you kindly tell me which gene determinate their skin-color and
retina pattern. Might there be any isozyme or DNA marker pointing these

Also, Would you like to tell me whether a zebrafish variant named
leopard listed in Chapter 7 of "The Zebrafish Book"  is the same thing
as the fish named in Latin "Brachydanio rerio" or "Brachydanio frankei"?

I will appreciate any help from you!  Thank you very much!

Fangjun Jia

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