size of zebrafish ribosomal bands

Angela Manning a.manning at
Tue Nov 10 11:09:50 EST 1998

I would like to know what the exact sizes of the zebrafish 28S and 18S
ribosomal bands are.  I have run many RNA gels and it seems that the 28S
band is a little smaller than 4.4 kb and the 18S band is approx 2 kb,
however mouse ribosomal bands are quoted as being 4.7 kb for the 28S and
1.9 kb for the 18S.  I'm wondereing about the exact sizes and why they
might differ from other specie's ribosomal RNA bands.  Thanks!
Angela Manning       a.manning at
Dept of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB Canada
T6G 2H3

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