FW: zebrafish strains

Wed Nov 11 10:49:53 EST 1998

I have contacted a few labs requesting zebrafish strains, and would now like
to broaden my inquiry to include the zebrafish community as a whole.  I am
trying to collect zebrafish strains to test for strain-to-strain variation
in the sensitivity to chemical exposure.  These don't necessarily need to be
wild-type.  They can be viable mutants (i.e.. golden, albino, etc.) since
the main consideration is genetic isolation and potential divergence of the

I would like to get a few breeding pairs of various strains that may be
helpful.  If you have strains that have been genetically isolated for some
time, and would be willing to share some animals, please contact me at the
email address below.  I also have a facility in which to raise embryos if
you are unable to part with adults or subadults.

Best Regards,

Michael J. Carvan III
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