Liyiping liyp at
Fri Nov 20 10:39:37 EST 1998


I'm a graduate in Shanghai cell biology of Chinese Academy. now, I
culture a school of zebrafishs with which to obtain their embryos. With
reference to zebrafish book, I can't get embryo. Furthermore, many
questions puzzling me can't be found in the book, i.e.

1. How many grams are the body weight of sex-mature
zebrafish, male, female?

2. How to identify a zebrafish embryo in the MBT transition point?

3. Is it an only way to identify the phage of Oocyte by its diameter?

4. How many embryoes does a sex-maturation female zebrafish produce?

I'm a beginner in the field of zebrafish. I earnestly cherish your
suggestion.  Please answer by mail to shzhwu at

                                    your sincerely
                                    Wu  shengzhou

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