tumor models in fish

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Anders, A., G. Kollinger & K. Chatterjee (1981). Heritable and induced
melanomas in Xiphophorus. In: M. Seiji (ed.), Pigment Cell 1981: Phenotypic
Expression in Pigment Cells, Proceedings of the XIth International Pigment
Cell Conference, Sendai, Japan, 1980, Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, p.

Zechel, C., U. Schleenbecker, A. Anders, M. Pfutz & F. Anders (1989).
Search for genes critical for the early and/or late events in
carcinogenesis: studies in Xiphophorus  (Pisces, Teleostei). Hamatol.
Bluttransfus.  32, 366-385. (Medline AN: 90169644)

and much other work by A. Anders.

>Hello My name is Rebecca Rancourt
>I am an undergrad at Syracuse University.  I was wondering if you knew
>anything about tumor models in fish (zebra dano fish or any small
>aquarium fish) that can be be used for Chemotherapy research.
>Thank you very much

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