Hardiness of zebrafish

Dr. Jerry Hendricks jerry.hendricks at orst.edu
Fri Oct 9 10:17:44 EST 1998

Hi, I'm Jerry hendricks at OSU, and I have been asked a question about
zebrafish that I am not totally sure about.  In a grant application,
some investigators proposed using zebrafish as environmental monitors.
They proposed putting them in live cages and suspending the cages in the
Ohio River from July through October.  Do you think they would survive?
I don't know the exact temperature profile of that river but I would
suspect that the temperatures would drop too low by October.  What
temperatures have you found them to tolerate well?  I have found
anything below about 15 C causes zebrafish to become sluggish, go off
feed, etc.  What other concerns could you think of?  Any ideas you could
suggest would be helpful so I can respond to the grant reviewer.


Jerry hendricks

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