Information of zerbra fish.

Pat Edwards edwards at
Mon Sep 14 14:10:59 EST 1998

Hi Amanda,

The place to start looking for information on zebrafish is on-line at  This website includes The Zebrafish Book, which is
a source for much of the information that you are probably seeking.  It also
contains back issues of The Zebrafish Science Monitor, the newsletter of the
research community, and has links to other sites such as the Zebrafish
Information Server from which you can gather more information.

Good luck on your project!

Pat Edwards

Amanda Woollett wrote:

> I'm doing a project on Zerbra fish and I'm looking for any information you
> might have on them.  If you know any web sites or books I could look in,
> please let me know.
> woollett at
> Sincerely,
> Amanda

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