Post-doc position

Jae-Seong Lee jslee2 at
Fri Sep 18 10:08:12 EST 1998

Dear zebrafish colleagues

I am currently working in the Drosophila developmental biology lab for wing
development. Now I am wondering whether I can move to the zebrafish lab
again if someone offers me a position.

I have lots of experiences of fish culture, fish cytogenetics, fish
histopathology, fish cell culture as well as extensive molecular biology
works such as construction of genomic or cDNA library, screening of gene
library, DNA sequencing, Southern blotting, Northern blotting, subcloning,
site-directed mutagenesis, promoter analysis, PCR. Also I have an
experiences of mammalian system using human or mouse cell line focusing on
mainly biochemical work (protein purification using baculovirus expression
system or E. coli, characterization, Western blot, gel shift assay,
phosphorylation, pull-down assay, immunoprecipitation.

I am hoping that I can contribute at the zebrafish or other small fish lab
using these kind of tools as well as a knowledge of Drosophila genetics and
developmental biology.

I had been several institution as following
1. Hanyang University, Korea. Ph.D. (1990-1994)
2. Pennsylvania State University (1994-1995)
3. University of Birmingham, England (1995-1997)
4. Indiana University (1997-1998)
5. Seoul National University, Korea (1998-now) 

Also I have 6 international papers with 5 papers in preparation. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,
Jae-Seong Lee

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