Xenopus tropicalis genetics meeting

Anne Ungar au4n at virginia.edu
Mon Apr 26 10:30:05 EST 1999



We would like to invite those of you who might be interested in
studying the genetics of frog development to the following meeting:

Genetics of Amphibian Development:
Moving Into Xenopus tropicalis

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA,
Saturday, June 12, 1999 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. X. tropicalis facilities tour
and transgenesis workshop
Sunday, June 13 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. preceding the SDB annual meeting June
13 - 18 in Charlottesville

This meeting will focus on building a genetics community to complement
embryological and molecular research in Xenopus development.
Presentations will center on laboratory use of the more
genetically-malleable Xenopus tropicalis, and will include discussion of
related issues, e.g., analysis and manipulation of ploidy in Xenopus,
and recent advances in transgenesis.  Special emphasis will be placed on
learning from the zebrafish community's experience. Following the
presentations, there will be an open caucus to discuss generating shared
genetic research infrastructure, such as genetic and physical maps,
stock centers, and mutagenesis strategies. Attendees are encouraged to
present posters speculating on how they would like to use specific
genetic strategies. On Sunday, June 13, there will be a tour of the X.
tropicalis facility at U.Va. and a transgenesis workshop. For more
information or to register, email xenopus at virginia.edu or visit the X.
tropicalis website at http://minerva.acc.Virginia.EDU/~develbio/trop/.


Session I: Building A Genetic System For The 21st Century

9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Coffee

Introduction to Xenopus tropicalis
Rob Grainger, Univ. of Virginia

Review: Genome Manipulations and Mutants in Amphibians
Darcy Kelley, Columbia Univ.

Genetic Screens for Vertebrate Developmental Genes
Mary Mullins, Univ. Of Penn.

Contrasts Between X. tropicalis and X. laevis Major Histocompatibility

Complex: the Influence of Polyploidy on Gene Silencing
Martin Flajnik, Univ. of Maryland

Embryology of X. tropicalis
Ray Keller, Univ. of Virginia

Laboratory Husbandry of X. tropicalis
Nick Hirsch, Univ. of Virginia

12:30  Lunch and posters

Session II:  New Approaches to Manipulating Amphibian Genomes

1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
Towards Amphibian Developmental Genetics: Lessons From Zebrafish
Len Zon, Harvard Univ.

Transgenesis in Xenopus:  Present and Future
Enrique Amaya, Wellcome/CRC Inst.

'Gene Trap' Insertional Mutagenesis of X. tropicalis
Odile Bronchain, Wellcome/CRC Inst.

Strategies for Inducible Control of Gene Expression in
X. tropicalis Lyle Zimmerman, Univ. of Virginia

Transgenic Analysis of Opsin Promoter and Function
Barry Knox SUNY Syracuse

Saturation of Zebrafish Notochord Mutations:
Can new loci be identified in Xenopus Tropicalis?
Derek Stemple NIMR, Mill Hill


Caucus discussion: Building community resources and infrastructure for
genetic research (Chuck Kimmel, University of Oregon; Doug DeSimone,
University of Virginia; Peter Vize, University of Texas, moderators)

6:00 - 12:00
Shuttle bus every half hour to/from evening social

Sunday, June 13
11:00 a.m. Coffee
11:30 a.m. X. tropicalis facility tour
1 p.m.-5 p.m. X. tropicalis Transgenesis workshop

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