Use of TSA direct for whole mount in situs.

Michael Lardelli mlardelli at
Tue Apr 27 11:59:04 EST 1999

Hi out there,

I would like to ask if anyone has tried using NEN's TSA reagents for whole
mount in situ transcript hybridisation on zebrafish. I would be especially
interested to know if anyone has tried using the fluorescein tyramide
reagent on embryos hybridised with a fluorescein-labelled probe detected by
an anti-fluorescein antibody coupled to HRP. Maybe multiple rounds of
antibody binding followed by reagent exposure would amplify the fluorescent
signal enough for detection - or is the background too high? Any
information you can give me would be appreciated before I fork out for a
TSA kit - especially after the ELF was such a bust. Thanks,


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