Brine Shrimp troubles

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Mon Aug 2 09:49:58 EST 1999

In addition, Sanders has been sold off twice this year and have very
little (or are completely out of) high quality brine shrimp eggs in


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  Chi-Bin Chien <chi-bin.chien at> wrote:
> Dear Paul,
> I'm assuming that you are using the appropriate temperature,
aeration, and
> salt. If the salt is too low, they can hatch very poorly (the salt
> concentration isn't
> very critical, though).
> We have been having good success with eggs from Brine Shrimp Direct
in Utah:
> The eggs that we get are guaranteed to have a 90% hatch rate, and
indeed after
> 24 hours we seem to achieve this rate. Current price is $35.95/pound.
> Good luck,
> Chi-Bin Chien

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