Requesting help keeping young fish alive in small

bxchapman bxchapman at
Mon Aug 9 14:11:56 EST 1999

Dear Zebrafish community--

    I am currently involved with a NASA project trying to send 
embryos into space (on NASAs space shuttle) in order to study 
the effects
of microgravity on the development of the vestibular system.

    The problem we are having is that we need to keep embryos 
alive for 19
days in a very small volume of liquid (35 mls).  Due to the 
constraints of
the hardware, there is no way to have access to the aquaria to 
water, etc. during flight.  The only possibility to add anything to the
aquaria during flight is through an automatic mechanism (designed 
injecting fixative, but which we will not be using for that purpose)
can inject 1 ml of liquid once during the flight.

    What we do now:  Currently the fish are allowed to develop 
28.5 degrees C until 10 hours post fertilization.  At that point we
the chorions enzymatically using pronase, and transfer the 
embryos to
Hanks solution containing PTU (to prevent melanin formation).  

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