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Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Fri Aug 13 15:36:53 EST 1999

Dear Christine,
We have an axolotl colony, and have heard of an animal care 
committee that
insisted they be housed in dry cages.

Our local committee is a bit more enlightened, and recognizes that
aquarium animals need only aquaria and appropriate temperatures. 
course, though, we're covered by Canadian regulations.

One approach to smooth things over is to have the animal care 
actually come and see the conditions under which you house zebrafish. They
may be confusing them with zebras. Yours, -Dick Gordon

>Dear Colleagues,
>I have just moved my lab into a new research building, and the
>university has informed me that no vertebrate animals can be
>housed in the
>laboratory, including my zebrafish.  I anticipated keeping the main
>in the animal facility, but I need to have some fish housed in the lab
>(before and after survival surgeries on adults, for example).  The IACUC
>administrators maintain that in order to get the facility approved by
>AALAC ALL vertebrates must be kept in the central animal facility, with
>NO exceptions!
>I would appreciate hearing from any of you at universities with AALAC
>approval who house your fish in your lab (or in a satellite animal
>facility apart from the mammals) either all the time or during
> Perhaps if I present them with a list of universities that allow this,
>then they will consider my request.  Any suggestions are appreciated!!
>Thank you,
>Christine A. Byrd, Ph.D.
>Dept. of Biological Sciences
>Western Michigan University
>Kalamazoo, MI  49008
>byrd at

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