paramecia culture

Angie Lanie alanie at
Mon Aug 23 16:41:05 EST 1999

Our zebrafish facility has been having trouble with our 15-20 day 
old fry dying off lately.  They should be old enough to eat brine 
shrimp, but for some reason they aren't!  So, during this time I have 
been trying to load up their water with paramecia (as well as some 
shrimp) to make sure they get enough food. One problem is that 
our filtration apparatus isn't the most optimal, and paramecia are 
lost in the process. Since we currently don't have a lot of 
paramecia to begin with (but we do have a lot of babies), I was 
wondering if anyone knew any problems with just giving the
paramecia culture straight to the babies instead of filtering them 
out of the yellow culture liquid.  We use protozoan pellets and 
boiled wheat seeds with filtered/UV irradiated water.  I have read a 
couple comments saying that one should dilute as much of the 
yellow liquid as possible before feeding to the fry, but no one ever 
mentions why...

Angie Lanie
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

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